DENIZEN DevBlog #6 - The Kepler Personal Data Assistant

"Introducing the NEW Kepler Personal Data Assistant (PDA)! With a 257 Mega-hertz central processor and over 200 mega-bytes of random-access-memory, you'll never rely on your own mind again. Nuero-Connectivity expansion sold seperately!"  -- The Kepler Institute Periodical Newsletter

The "Kepler Personal Data Assistant" (PDA) is a major mechanic in DENIZEN. You will use it to manage quests, inventory and information gathered in-game. Unlike most computers found throughout DENIZEN, the Kepler PDA did not originate outside of the cursed forest. The Kepler Research Institute was a group of like minded scientists and engineers who all found themselves lost in the misty depths of the forest. These men decided to join together and scientifically study the forest and the ancient ruins found in it with the hopes of learning a way to escape. Over time they also began to construct useful technology for surviving in the forest, like weapons and portable computer systems like the Kepler PDA. The PDA is the first item you receive. You will rely upon it constantly through your journey in the world of DENIZEN.


The first section of the PDA is "Objectives". This is very useful for keeping track of where you are in the game and what you are currently trying to accomplish, especially if it has been a while since you last played. There are primary and secondary objectives. Secondary objectives are optional but completing them will benefit you either by granting access to more supplies and loot or by shedding some additional insight into the lore of the game (usually a bit of both).


Inventory is where you can keep track of items you have found and are carrying. This includes your guns, ammo, healing items, quest items and special items. Special items can be anything from extra ram modules for your PDA (used for hacking doors or security systems) to grenades, shields and magical items like voodoo dolls and other powerful weapons. Items are still early in development and will be covered in greater detail in a later post.


The Logs section is where information you gather in-game is placed. Logs can be text documents, audio recordings or images. Reading a log will tell you a story about something that happened in the world, and may sometimes foreshadow things to come. After all, events tend to repeat themselves. Reading logs can make you more prepared to face the monsters living in the forest by explaining their weaknesses or by giving a hint about where to find additional weapons and items. Sometimes logs may tell you something about a character you have already met or will meet, and should be used to determine whether or not you trust certain characters. Players would be well encouraged to spend a good deal of time reading. After all, knowledge is power...


The Network tab is where you can see other nearby computer systems. These could be computers, other PDAs or security systems like doors with remote access control, auto-turrets and CCTV cameras. Use your PDA to hack these devices and take control of your environment! This feature is also early in development, stay tuned and we will have another post on it later.


Encyclopedia entries are updated throughout the game as you discover new things. Curious players will spend a good amount of time here and will be rewarded with a deeper understanding of locations within the cursed forest and the people ( or things ) that live there.


Thanks for reading this short summary of the Kepler PDA! Be sure to check back here for more updates, and if you would like to be one of the first to get your hands on a playable demo, sign up for our mailing list!

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