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DENIZEN DevBlog#10 - Free Denizen Prototype EP
Hello, this is Jonathan with Skunkape Interactive. It is my responsibility to create the sound design and music for our projects. We just released a free EP of...
DENIZEN DevBlog #9- Kepler Labs Prototype is Live!
Hello everyone! We are happy to announce that today, we are releasing our anticipated "Kepler Labs Prototype" to the public! You can download and play the proto...
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DENIZEN DevBlog #8 - Meet Professor Reko
Sylvius Reko spent the better part of a decade studying a theoretical alternate reality. His tenured position as a professor of science and occult studies gave...
DENIZEN DevBlog #7 - Environments and Setting
Hello everyone! I'm Harrison, Level Designer at Skunkape Interactive. Over the last couple of months our team has been hard at work developing a playable demo...
DENIZEN DevBlog #6 - The Kepler Personal Data Assistant
"Introducing the NEW Kepler Personal Data Assistant (PDA)! With a 257 Mega-hertz central processor and over 200 mega-bytes of random-access-memory, you'll never...
DENIZEN DevBlog #5 - "Skrall" AI Breakdown
Hello, I'm Ian from Skunkape. Today I'm going to talk about the AI (Artificial Intelligence) for one of our enemies in DENIZEN, the "Skrall". For some context...
DENIZEN DevBlog #4 - Foliage from 20,000 Feet
Hey guys, It's Will from Skunkape. I wanted to share with you a little about foliage rendering. DENIZEN is a game about a forest, so it is very important I have...